The fall is the time of year when everyone breaks out their sweaters, ditches their brights for darker tones, and cranks up Taylor Swift. In the same way, everyone plans to get different hairstyles every year and every season. By the time the leaves begin to change color, your hair may have suffered from the summer's heat, sunlight, and chlorine or salt water. For this reason, a new hairstyle is a great way to welcome the cooler autumn weather. When it is cooler outside (bangs and perspiration never got along), we can change the sun-bleached hue or try out new cuts that would not be immediately slicked back into a ponytail in order to escape the heat. You might even start fresh by chopping off your summer hair if you are truly ready for a new beginning. In this article, we will discuss a list of hairstyles that are best in 2022 and these can be a great help for you if you follow trendy hairstyles. The list is made by following some of the well-known celebrity hairstylists of 2022. 

Some of the best hairstyle trends of 2022 are explained below. 

Platinum Blonde

The platinum blonde hair color shown by Gigi Hadid is likely to be a major trend this year. Blondes tend to choose a whiter, more uniform blonde. However, platinum blonde isn't the most low-maintenance shade, so be prepared to invest in deep conditioning treatments once a week and a purple shampoo to combat brassiness.

Red Hair

Hairstylists say that copper tones of all kinds are really on-trend right now. The color red is great because it comes in so many different tones that you may wear it year-round. It is only natural that as we go into summer and spring, those darker tones would give way to lighter ones. Strawberry red will replace the conventional shade of auburn.

Mid-length Bob cuts

There is a noticeable comeback of some '90s haircuts in 2022. The classic bob haircut is up first. This hairstyle, which is neither short nor long, will be quite popular in 2022. It lands halfway between the shoulder and the chin. The bob will be blunt and shoulder-length, reminiscent of the 1990s.

Pixie Cut

While the pixie cut may not be for everyone, it is a popular style this year for those who are ready for a massive change. It is suggested that you start with a short "pixie wig" style. The pixie is really short at first, but it grows into a whole new and wonderful style. But you need to give it your whole attention and energy.

Bottom Line

The '90s hairstyles that have emerged are heavily featured in the hairstyle list of 2022. I hope you have got a clear picture of the best hairstyle trends of 2022 by reading this article.